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Memberships & Programs

  • Virtual Speakers Club

    Every month
    🌟 Master the Art of Public Speaking with Our Virtual Speakers Club! 🌟
    • Bi-weekly virtual club meetings
    • Maxwell Method Mastery: Learn from the best in the business
    • Network with like-minded individuals from around the globe
    • Interactive Learning: Participate in engaging sessions
    • Personalized Coaching: tailored to your unique style
  • Monthly Webinar Membership

    Every month
    🌟 Elevate Your Learning with Our Virtual Webinars Membership! 🌟
    • Dynamic Webinar Presentations: Engaging and relevant topics
    • John Maxwell's Wisdom: Learn from the master himself
    • Interactive Learning:Participate in interactive Q&A sessions
    • Continued Growth:Stay on the cutting edge of personal growth
    • Community Connection: Join a vibrant community
  • One- on- One Development Program

    🌟 Propel Your Career to New Heights with Our 8-Week Coaching Program! 🌟
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • One-on-One Coaching Sessions for 8-Weeks
    • Personalized Assessments
    • Customized Growth Plan
    • Executive Leadership Foundations: Lay a solid groundwork
    • Strategic Career Planning: Craft a strategic roadmap
    • Executive Presence and Influence: Cultivate the presence
    • Develop Leadership Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
    • Executive Networking and Branding: Build a powerful network
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